Couples Counseling

I’m incredibly excited to be offering this service to my clients. While grief is at the core of my practice, couples work is a close second.


Attachment is at the heart of our grief journey. How we are attached to the person we lost impacts the path that we will follow on our grief journey. This same notion holds true when it comes to our marriage. Our attachment to our primary caregivers impacts how we relate, respond, and connect with our partners. My own loss triggered my attachment system, which ultimately changed the dynamic of our relationship. This is how I was first introduced to EFT.


 Emotionally Based Therapy

My husband and I had to both identify how our own attachment relationships were impacting our ability to connect during an incredibly difficult time in our lives. I drank the kool-aid, and now I am selling it. EFT is hands down, the best approach to couple’s counseling out there. I say that from a professional stand point, but also a personal one. EFT introduces you to a connection that you didn’t even know existed.

Drink the kool-aid. I promise you it is worth it.


What is EFT?

EFT (Emotionally Based Therapy) is based on 50 years of research on bonding. Bonding between mother and child, and bonding between partners in an intimate relationship. EFT provides a map to uncover, what matters in a relationship, how they work and where they go wrong in addition to how to make the relationship right. The goal of EFT is not to enhance communication patterns, or learn how to “fight fair” but to create a secure emotional bond between two partners. Change happens during the process, in session.

EFT has changed the way we view relationships. The number one phrase searched on Google last year was, “What is love.” We have struggled for years to attempt to make sense out of what we were told doesn’t make sense. We now know that not only does it make sense, but we can shape it. In a world plagued with chronic loneliness, there is hope that the longing to belong can be eliminated, and your partner can be the one to help do this.  


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