Jessica has experience in various types of counseling and offers individual sessions in the following areas:

The goal is not to enhance communication patterns, or learn how to “fight fair” but to create a secure emotional bond between two partners. In a world plagued with chronic loneliness, there is hope that the longing to belong can be eliminated, and your partner can be the one to help do this.


It is human nature to run from pain. The most difficult part of grieving is allowing oneself to lean into the pain, in order to heal. No two people grieve the same way, and every story is different. It is my job to help guide you through the grief journey so you can find your light in the darkness.


Grief following a violent or sudden death is different than an expected loss. It changes how you view yourself, and the world around you. I am a believer that you can’t completely understand something unless you have been through it. I have been through it. I can walk alongside you as you work to make sense of something that appears senseless.

The mourning process doesn’t just accompany death. It happens all the time. When relationships don’t work out, marriages end, friendships dissolve, jobs are lost, etc. With every life transition comes loss. I work with clients to uncover who they are now that this season of their life has come to an end.

Two words that are prevalent in our society, but rarely talked about. Experiencing anxiety, or feeling depressed doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. They are a part of life, and often made worse by our genetic makeup.  

I will forever be grateful for the cathartic supports and resources, which Jessica provided and which were integral to my healing process and reengagement back into fully living.
— Erika