In addition to individual therapy sessions, Jessica is also available for public speaking engagements and consultations for mental health professionals. Please contact Jessica for availability and further information. 


Public Speaking & Trainings

With personal and professional experience in different areas of counseling, Jessica has the ability to relate to audiences on many levels. Her charismatic personality makes her a wonderful presenter and she will captivate an audience and deliver a message that will resonate with groups of any size. 

She currently speaks at the University of Chicago to graduate level students on the impact of a traumatic loss and how unexpected loss complicates the grief process.  She has developed two continuing education programs on the topics of traumatic, sudden and violent loss that she has presented at Loyola University and The Chicago School. Additionally, she has been a presenter at the NRCI Annual Mental Health Conference with topics such as "Understanding and Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness" and "Loss through Violent Loss". 

If you have a specific topic you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to let us know! Jessica has created presentations on a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Learning How to Manage Stress to Survive High School

  • Coping With a Homicide Loss

  • Introduction to Traumatic Loss and Complicated Grief

  • Making Sense of the Senseless: Treatment Interventions for Bereavement Following a Sudden, Traumatic of Violent Loss

Jessica would be honored to speak at your event. Please contact us for availability and further information. 

Supervision for Mental Health Professionals

With years of experience, Jessica has had the opportunity to work with individuals and professionals from various backgrounds. She is able to consult her peers and other professionals to provide the right tools for professional growth. 

Jessica understands that no two cases are the same, but she is able to provide insight into various areas such as:

  • Feeling stuck with a client, and needing a fresh perspective

  • Gaining confidence with clients who has experienced a sudden, violent or traumatic loss

  • Individual, case-by-case topics

Jessica is available for interviews and training in person or via the web. Please contact us for availability and further information.


Grief isn’t easily disguised and can impact productivity in the workplace when a tragic event occurs. Employees can demonstrate an inability to concentrate, struggle with fatigue, be indecisive or short-tempered. While employers want to demonstrate compassion to their employees, they still must get the job done. What can we do when grief can’t be left at home from 9-5?

Jessica acts as a consultant to employers, offering support targeted specifically toward workplace issues. Allowing space for employees to discuss their experience can assist with regaining balance in the workplace. As an expert in the field of grief, Jessica can tell you that time alone won’t change the environment. Allow Jessica to come in, and do what she does best, for you to go back to doing what you do best.  

It’s not about finding the missing puzzle piece; it’s about framing an incomplete puzzle, hanging it on the wall, and being ok with seeing it everyday.